Potato Day at Dundry Nursuries

All right, sad old git time, but I like it! Its the first sign of spring, and for the last couple of years its been a bright cold day. Held towards the end of January, my favorite independent Nursury, its friendly and great fun.

I got there are 9.00AM on Saturday and the car park was filling nicely. By 9.30 it was full. Its a working nursury, with hardly a sign of decking and makeover stuff.

Every year there are over 150 varieties of potato available, and you can buy individual tubers at 15p each, in little paper bags. There were experts available to tell you all about them, a stall for the organic gardeners, a cafe and stall selling stuff to help support the Butterfly Garden, associated with the nursury


As well as buying some for myself, I had orders for a couple of friends too.

This year I bought 4 off tubers of each of these; I'm going to put them in large pots I think; that worked pretty well last year, though they need plenty of water.

Cara Good for boiling, baking, chipping. White skin with pink eyes and cream flesh (Main Crop)
Duke of York Boiling. Yellow skin, light yellow flesh, firm when cooked. (First Early)
Charlotte Boiling and Salads. Pale yellow skin. (Second Early)
Golden Wonder Boiling and Roasting, What the crisps are made of. (Main Crop)